Applications of EMLID Reach RS2 & RS+

What are the areas of application and what can be done with them?

Introduction – What is a GNSS receiver?

In the professional sphere where precision makes the difference, high precision GNSS receivers are essential and can often bring benefits you never thought of. In this article we will see the utility of some high precision devices from Emlid Reach RS+ and Reach RS2.

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Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is one of those area industries that extensively use the benefits offered by the accuracy of professional GNSS receivers. The applications of Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 devices in the area of precision agriculture are diverse, most commonly found being the ones in machine guidance systems, creating maps for analysis and measuring plots.


1. Machine guidance systems

To save time and increase production in precision agriculture, farmers often use guidance systems (autosteering) for their machines. These systems are made of several basic components but the most essential for the final accuracy is the GNSS receiver. Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 has an advantage due to its high accuracy offered, at a centimeter-level in the “Rover” operating mode. Reach RS+ also has a platform for shock and vibration damping specially designed for this purpose. They can be easily integrated into both existing systems and aftermarket kits thanks to all 8 modes and 5 position transmission formats, including Bluetooth.

emlid rs+

2. Creating maps for the analysis

Using drone maps for crop analysis is not a new practice in precision agriculture. A way to improve the accuracy of the maps obtained is by using ground control points while taking their measurements with precision receivers. During our tests with Reach receivers, we managed to obtain an accuracy of 3 millimeters.

3. Measurements and plots management

In order to keep track of plots in an organized way, farmers use GNSS receivers in order to split their plots. Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 solutions are an excellent choice because they can transmit position data in an accessible way via Bluetooth and easily controlled with smartphones via the application. They are also ergonomic, easy to transport and IP67 certified (water and dust resistant).


UAV Positioning system

Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 can significantly improve the accuracy of a UAV (drone) and of the pictures taken by them, while significantly increase the quality of the captured data. Receivers can transmit real-time corrections to the UAV (drone) via LoRa (long-range radio) or record data independently for post-processing. These together with Reach M+ or M2 offer a complete solution for precision mapping, whether it is RTK or PPK.

Emlid Reach RS2


Accuracy is essential in precision agriculture, while centimeter accuracy and a settling time of 5 seconds are recommended by Reach RS2 for any measurements or topography and geodesy projects. Fieldwork differs from project to project so the Reach RS2 can be easily controlled via the ReachView application (available on iOS and Android), with real-time access to all data effortlessly. It can export projects in CSV file and shapefile formats, and with 3G support or NTRIP corrections, it ensures the same high accuracy anywhere without hassle. Simple and fast, Reach RS2 is an affordable and efficient choice for this field.


Details for each RS2 and Reach RS+

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