COVID-19 vs Drone. How do drones increase safety? - Their usefulness and examples of ways in which they are already used.

Current situation - COVID-19

Given the global pandemic that erupted earlier this year, governments, organizations and societies around the world are looking for efficient working solutions with minimal or no physical contact .

Today, the real heroes are doctors & medical staff and the local army & police . Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, aerial mapping with drones, GIS, medical robots, location tracking technologies and autonomous machinery are playing an increasing role in an optimal response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The usefulness of drones against COVID-19

An important policy for global authorities is preventing the spread of the virus . To ensure that they take steps to reduce people-to-people contact, most countries have taken decisions such as closing non-essential public places, banning mass assemblies and ensuring social distance to limit physical contact.

Dronele joacă un rol cheie ajutând în moduri variate la prevenirea răspândirii în continuare a focarului de Covid-19. În acest articol, vom prezenta moduri în care dronele sunt deja utilizate în mod eficient pentru a combate COVID-19.

COVID-19 vs drone

Use cases

In the following, we will present the most commonly used ways of using drones for COVID-19 (but not necessarily the only ones), adopted by a variety of countries including: Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Spain, China, Holland, Italy, Romania, USA, France, UK, Israel, Germany and others.

Aerial surveillance

Many countries, including Romania , have opted for aerial surveillance of individuals that do not comply with the restrictions or do not know what the latest restrictions are. Law enforcement authorities, such as the local police, municipal authorities or the army, use drones to monitor the movement of people and disrupt social gatherings that could pose a risk to society.

drona in lupta covid

Communication with the population

In addition to street surveillance, authorities use speaker drones to send messages and information individuals about new measures and restrictions that have come into force, especially in rural areas where information is more difficult to reach. Drones equipped with speakers are used to make public announcements, to keep people inside, to take the necessary precautions, to maintain social distance and to wear a mask when leaving the house. China in particular, but also many European countries use drones to broadcast messages in public.


Aerial disinfection

To disinfect public spaces and prevent the further spread of COVID-19, health authorities use agricultural spray drones to spray disinfectant in potentially affected areas. These spray drones are filled with disinfectants and can be even 50 times faster than traditional methods. According to DJI, the largest drone company in the world, a spray drone can carry about 16 liters of disinfectant and can cover an area of 100,000 m² in one hour.

drona covid

Transport of goods

Drones are also used for product delivery in parts of China, the United States and Australia. They become particularly useful in severely affected areas where physical contact outside the home should be minimal or non-existent.

This delivery alternative is not to be ignored at all. A cafe called Mockingbird Café is happy to share that it sold 50% more pastries in the first weekend since it was listed as a drone vendor. A cafe called Brugh Coffee also produces more coffee, thanks to its drone delivery service, its cold beer sales have also doubled.

drona covid-19 transport

Medical transport

Doctors and hospitals need more medical supplies and lab tests than ever before, and drones are the safest and fastest way to deliver medical supplies and transport samples from hospitals to labs. This technology not only speeds up the delivery of essential medical supplies and samples, but also reduces the risk of exposure of medical personnel and makes a major difference in efforts to combat the disease.

Zipline, cel mai mare distribuitor de servicii cu drone în domeniul medical, ajută oficialii guvernamentali din Ghana să monitorizeze răspândirea Covid-19, livrând probe de test, colectate în zonele rurale, laboratoarelor medicale din două orașe mari.

Checking body temperature

During the explosion of the Chinese epidemic, authorities conducted remote temperature measurements on a large scale in most apartment complexes using drones. As people were worried about contracting the infection, to avoid face-to-face contact, Chinese authorities used drones equipped with infrared cameras to measure the temperature of people who were trapped in their homes.

Verificarea temperaturii corporale - Controller dronă

Services against COVID-19



In addition to technologies such as artificial intelligence and other tools such as medical robots, drones have become an essential tool in this long-range combat due to their versatility and the fact that they are a fairly varied technology, easy to implement. and already in the hands of many security forces around the world.