The operating system for your drone business.
Let IDRONECT OS do the administrative heavy lifting while you grow your business. From quote to invoice, manage and streamline all your projects and processes, flight planning, safety management, equipment and people. Replace more than 10 applications with 1 easy-to-use platform and start doing more business.


All resources in one application

All steps from the customer request to sending out the  invoice after the flight are included in IDRONECT OS. The  steps are nicely integrated into one easy to follow workflow  that can be customized to your operation. And those steps  include flight preparation, project planning, duty  assignment, maintenance, risk assessment, logging, report  creation, safety management, tracking and so on (in fact

Superfast project and mission planning (hours instead of days)

When using IDRONECT OS you can dramatically decrease  the time spent on preparing, planning, and managing  flights. With the saved time you can fly more, look for new  projects, train staff or upgrade drones. In short, you can  make your business more efficient and scale it to a higher  level.


Manage your local airspace and all of the drone traffic in it.  Start by designing the airspace and defining the rules. Know  exactly where each drone is flying in real-time. Give direct  commands to drone pilots and deconfliction service  through the Virtual Control Tower interface. Ideal for drone  test centers, drone schools; industrial plants, harbours, etc.

IDronect UTM Manager

Connecting and empowering authorities

The IDRONECT ENTERPRISE Rule Editor gives power to  Authorities and ensures safety and security. By means of the  dynamic rule editor, authorities can draft drone rules, and immediately assess the impact of a certain rule. Making rules available in an intuitive way to drone users, legal and safe flights can be guaranteed. We connect drone pilots to authorities.

The customized one stop shop for enterprise users

Get full support from A to Z for your drone activities. Manage drone fleet, pilots, documents, customers and more by means of a fully customized and professional drone management application. Plan and dispatch drone flights to get to the value that drones need to deliver. Let us clear the air so you can focus on your business.