What is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture, agriculture 4.0 and the management of specific crops are carried out with the help of professional unmanned aerial vehicles i.e. (UAV or drones), equipped with multispectral or RGB cameras.

The role of precision agriculture

The images made with the help of drones are transformed into maps that can be used to accurately optimize agricultural inputs such as water, fertilizer, chemicals and treatments e.g. (herbicides, growth regulators through variable rate applications).

Practicing precision agriculture with drones, farmers can choose the best decisions, the results collected by drones can help farmers to better understand and manage their crops without relying on estimations and uncertainty.

Advantages in precision agriculture

Traditional methods in agriculture look at the entire field as the only basic unit for applying agro-technical measures and harvest estimation. On the other hand, precision agriculture involves a strategy based on real-time examinations aimed on the environment condition.

Having the ability to make decisions based on computerized analysis and not on arbitrary basis, La Orizont team eliminates the human error factor with the help of drones and state-of-the-art technology.

precision agriculture with drones
Traditional agriculture vs. Precision agriculture

How are drones integrating in precision agriculture?

The integration of drones in precision agriculture ensures surveillance over large areas in a short period of time, evaluating land and crops without having farmers to walk on the field, but also making quicker decisions in the event of unwanted results.

Types of analysis in precision agriculture offered by La Orizont