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Terrain elevation and contours

This type of drone analysis is the digital representation of the earth’s surface and contains millions of altimetric observations. This type of map is useful to observe the uneven points of the plot and apply corrections where appropriate. Level curves can have 10cm level difference.

What are the advantages offered by drones for the elevation model?

The advantages of the elevation model analysis can be used for:

  • Vizualizarea zonelor cu diferente de nivel

    • Detection of areas with high level of soil erosion and the possibility of puddles
    • Detection of areas with high possibility o weeds growing, diseases and pests
  • Apply effective herbicide remedies

  • Simulation of drainage channels over large areas where differences are impossible to see with the human eye

  • Highlighting and marking points of interest on the map such as trees, irrigation systems etc. with their exact georeferenced location i.e. (longitude and latitude)

  • Calcularea distantei exacte intre puncte specifice

  • Calculating the exact distance between specific points

Elevation model reports made with the help of drones will help you to obtain a detailed map of all points of interest georeferenced, so that it will easier to determine the size of the arable lands and their correction that need to be made.

model de elevatie
model de elevatie
model de elevatie
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