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What are drone based plant disease analysis and how does the herbicide efficiency increase?

Plant diseases analysis can identify the exact percentage and location of plant diseases caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. This way farmers can apply selective herbicide only in the affected areas so the application can be as efficient and economical as possible.

The report regarding the weeding degree of the crop provides information about the location of the affected areas allowing farmers to optimize costs.

eficienta erbicid

When is the best time to use disease tests based on drones?

Herbicide efficacy analyzes tests are performed in the middle and end of the season as part of the regular plant and crop monitoring cycle to ensure that plants and crops are healthy throughout the entire growing cycle. Improving the use of the pesticide determines the effectiveness of treatments.

What are the benefits of herbicide efficacy tests analysis?

Avantajele analizelor de eficienta a erbicidelor ajuta fermierii sa:

  • Save time & resources

  • Cover a larger area in shorter time

  • Apply herbicide efficiently and accurately in the affected areas with error rates less than 2%, thanks to the precision offered by drones, which can analyze every inch of you’re the field

  • Apply corrective measures for herbicide efficacy

eficienta erbicid
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