Project Description

Drone mapping for hydric stress analysis & puddling

How does hydric stress analysis works?

Because water evaporation is a high energy process, increased rates of evapotranspiration lower the surface temperature and of leaves and plants. Based on this principle, drone thermal mapping have become one of the most important methods for estimating water stress and drought resistance.

What are the advantages of water stress analysis?

  • Viewing of areas and differences in performance in terms of heat stress

  • Making comparisons in case there are several types of hybrids

  • Determining the areas where irrigation is more or less necessary

stres hidric si baltiri

Water and puddling analysis

Recognizing the areas with puddles is the most difficult task without clear information on the state of the culture. The analysis of ponds using drones helps to accurately identify these areas and reduce the impact regardless of the size of the crop.

It can be applied on both large and small surfaces that can be affected depending on soil types and their erosion.

What offers the analysis of water stress and puddles?

By providing accurate information about the areas with possible or excesive soil moisture, the hydric and puddling analysis helps farmers to:

  • Know the tolerance difference of crops and flooding conditions

  •  Helps identify areas where it can develop plant disease

  • Know the period of vegetation when floods where present

  • Know the issues regarding the irrigation before it can affect plant performance

  • Irigation system regulation based on the needs of the plants

  • Reduce profit loss following the floods

  • Leveling the soil and preparing it in advance

  • Digging drainage channels to prevent puddles

  • Setting the correct sowing direction in the plots that have higher risks of puddling

  • Stabileasca corect densitatea la semanat sau tipurile de hibrizi/soiuri functie de rezistenta acestora la seceta / umezeala excesiva

stres hidric si baltiri
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