Project Description

Drone mapping for plant counting

Find out exactly what’s in your field!

Because farmers are usually affected by the unpredictable weather changes, it is essential that each seed gives good results.

Traditional analysis methods are time consuming and prone to human error. With the help of drones in precision agriculture, farmers obtain accurate data regarding the state of the crop with the possibility to take action in time, therefore improving the production of the entire farm.

What results should you expect?

With the help of drones (UAV), plant counting on a certain surface is much achievable, faster, easier and more precise then the traditional estimates!

Having the ability to obtain more data it becomes more plausible to determine the number of plants in the crop with the exact location of the more developed areas without the need for estimates and hope for the best results.

numarare plante

Plant counting can be done as a result of the image recognition technology, where plants that are not subject of the analysis can be eliminated using specific algorithms. Therefore, specific analyzes can be created by identifying the areas that are above or below the threshold of the standard density used for sowing.

What are the reports on the plant counting side of view?

Plant count reports viewing the plant population can be used for:

  • Plant emergence evaluation and population performance in crops

  • Seed quality evaluation
  • Highlighting areas with possible plant loss which allows replanting in time

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of replanting measures

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of replanting measures

  • Plant counting estimation before harvest

  • Planification processes related to harvesting and performance

  • Sowing quality evaluation, equipment calibration for errors in their operation

What are the benefits of plant counting reports using drones (UAV)?

Compared to the traditional method, plant density ratio made with the help of drones has several benefits:

  • Fast, saves times and resources

  • Mathematical precision with rates of error lower than 2%, having the possibility to analyze every centimeter of your field

  • Proactive, allows effective corrective measures in season

  • Real-time data that allows timely decision making

Example of stand counting/plant counting analysis

Analiza numarare plante
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