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Farmers make important decisions based on estimations

 Due to a great lack of information, many agricultural processes are based on unclear information such as crop estimation, size and location of infested areas with weeds and pests, pesticide application plans and the list goes on.

infestare buruieni

These estimates are of course quite inaccurate and leave farmers in dark about treatment management and harvest planning. This approach usually reduce crop potential and increases costs.

How precision farming with drones is helping farmers?

Precision agriculture comes in to help farmers and control crop pests by controlled application of insecticides, fungicides and treatments exactly on the affected areas, so as saving considerable quantities.

Crop analysis and monitoring helps farmers accurately determine the areas affected by weeds and the best time to act on them.

What assumes the analysis of weed infestation?

  • Analysis of weed infestations allows farmers to apply corrective and effective measures during the season

  • Due to the precision offered by drones technologies, pest and weed control helps farmers save significant resources and better protect their crops

  • The exact identification of weed infested areas subsequently allows the variable application of herbicides, while reducing the consumption of active substance and allocated resources

infestare buruieni
infestare buruieni
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