Drona Trinity F90+ agricultura de precizie – drona fixed-wing

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Drona Trinity F90+ agricultura de precizie – drona fixed-wing

87.410 lei (VAT Included)

Ideal for large and very large areas. It offers complete analysis solutions in agriculture for all types of crops and it can obtain the following analyzes: emergence efficiency, identification of diseases, weeds, pests, plant stress, etc.

Together with the multispectral sensor, nutrient deficiencies can be identified with centimeter/pixel accuracy and the areas and their amount of needed application can be determined. Dual sensor (unique on the market) allows you to capture RGB and multispectral images in the same flight, saving valuable time.

TRINITY F90+ Drona fixed-wing de cartografiere pentru profesioniști

  • 90+ min flight time in combination with the widest range of payload options available
  • PPK including Quantum-System iBase Ground Reference Station powered by u-blox
  • Powerful motors for even more reserves in all situations
  • Live Air Traffic (ADS-B) & QBase Mission Planning
  • RGB & multispectral (dual) payload options
  • 2.4 GHz telemetry with up to 7.5 km range
  • Optional ADS-B Mode-S out

What’s in the box:

– Drona Trinity F90+
– Trinity F90+ Manual
– Trinity F90+ Battery Pack
– Trinity F90+ Transport case
– F90+ Battery Charging Station
– iBase set and station + accessories
– ACSL + cables and accessories
– Qbase Modem
– Qbase Software
– Trinity UAV Software
– ublox GNSS Antenna
– Remote controller + cables


    • 27115 lei
    • 44840 lei
    • 37843 lei
    • 64083 lei

    Flight software

    RGB processing software

    These analyzes are dedicated to agriculture and can be used for - counting, stress, weeds, pests, flowering estimation, nitrogen application, puddles, drought and canopy.

    • 3732 lei
    • 10496 lei
    • 13061 lei
    • 14578 lei

    Multispectral processing software

    • 13295 lei
    • 12600 lei
    • 15200 lei


    • lei
    • 7872 lei
    • 6706 lei


    • (GRATUIT)
    • (GRATUIT)
    • (GRATUIT)
    • (GRATUIT)


Drona agricultura de precizie fixed-wing Trinity F90+

More data in less time.

Fixed-wing drone image
Up to

100 km

(62 mi) flight range
Up to

7.5 km

command & control range
Map up to

700 ha

@1.26 inch/px GSD (3.2 cm/px) at 120 m AGL
Flight time

90+ min

in every condition


Mai multe date de survol în mai puțin timp, fără dezavantaje

Fie în agricultura, în activitatea minieră sau la inspecția instalațiilor industriale și a progresului construcțiilor, mai multe date pot fi înregistrate într-un timp foarte scurt și mult mai rapid decât a fost posibil anterior cu sistemele convenționale.

The Trinity F90+ demonstrates its range advantage in comparison to classic multicopters and other fixed-wing drones due to the longer flight time and covers up to 20x larger areas. The larger the area to be covered, the more attractive the use of the Trinity F90+ will be.

Camera integration done right – easily exchangeable and accessible

  No belly landings

Rough landings should be avoided at any time. We unconditionally rely on vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) to guarantee smooth landings and therefore a long service life. The landing gear additionally supports the safety of the components by offering additional flex.

  Easy access to your data

Access to the recorded data is uncomplicated via external card slots. If more sophisticated storage solutions are necessary, our payload compartment provides enough space for this option.


  Easy payload swapping

Payloads can easily be swapped in seconds. No tools are required and the sensors are highly integrated to support the pilots’ mission planning.

  Payload damping

All cameras are damped against in-flight vibrations to guarantee highest image quality.


The best equipment available for perfect surveying results

For highest image quality

We provide payload configurations up to 42 MP. The portfolio is supplemented by multispectral cameras from Micasense, including the Altum with its included thermal sensor.

Dual payload option

Thanks to the large payload capacity, a combination of a high-res RGB camera and a multispectral camera is available This results in completely new possibilities that save time and money.




5 spectral band sensor

  • RGB data with 6.94cm/px @100m altitude
  • multispectral data for vegetation analysis
  • 1 flight => orthophoto (5bands) & DEM & point cloud
  • various indices for plant stress and health analysis

MicaSense Altum

5 spectral bands & thermal infrared sensor

  • RGB data with 4.31cm/px @100m altitude
  • multispectral data + thermal layer for enhanced analysis
  • 1 flight => orthophoto (6bands) & DEM & point cloud
  • various indices for plant stress and health analysis

Sony RX1R II


Full-frame 42 MP camera

  • Orthophoto & DEM
  • point clouds & 3D models
  • 1.29cm/px @ 100m altitude

Sony UMC-R10C


APS-C​ 20.1 MP camera

  • Orthophoto & DEM
  • point clouds & 3D models
  • 2.66cm/px @ 100m altitude


QBase3D logo

The mission planning software is the main interface between the user and the drone. QBase3D provides simple and intuitive planning in combination with advanced functionality for professional users.

3D planning for more safety

With an integrated 3D view, we offer an efficient tool to plan even more precisely and to keep a perfect overview during the flight. Intuitive and practical.

  Stay up to date

QBase 3D is a constantly evolving product. Continuous system updates for all Quantum-Systems UAVs as well as Qbase 3D itself guarantee maximum future security. During operation, live weather data support mission planning.

  One Software – Many Application Scenarios

Quantum-System UAVs combined with QBase 3D help surveyors, farmers, scientists, quarrymen, civil engineers and geologists to focus on their application, allowing them to just fly!

  Simple and fast

Thanks to QBase 3D all mission relevant steps from planning to flying can be carried out intuitively.

Using QBase 3D is the way to pre-plan an aerial survey mission for Quantum-Systems UAVs.

QBase 3D automatically generates efficient flight paths after the flight area and the mission parameters have been defined with a few clicks. You are in complete control over your photogrammetric aerial survey mission and full coverage of your area of interest is guaranteed.

QBase 3D provides real-time information such as altitude, speed, heading and battery status about the UAV and telemetry data about the mission that helps the pilot to stay up to date all the time.

PPK capability in every situation

Survey grade PPK accuracy

PPK and RTK (post-processing kinematics and real-time kinematics) are the algorithms that allow the user to cancel most of the GNSS errors via processing data from two receivers that are close enough to each other.
They share the same common errors for most error sources such as ionospheric and tropospheric influence on signal transmission, satellite ephemeris, and clock errors.
As it is clear from the names, RTK is performed in real-time, PPK – in post-processing.

When properly applied, these algorithms reduce positioning errors from several meters (typical for standalone GNSS receivers) down to centimeters.

iBase is an entry-level GNSS reference station. It automatically logs GNSS reference measurements on the ground to a file on a micro SD card. This file enables QBase3D to do PPK processing of the collected survey data with a absolute accuracy of 2 – 5 cm.

Why Trinity F90+

  Easy and safe handling

A push of a button is enough and the UAV will do its assigned job. The remote control has a clean layout without confusing switches and levers. The TrinityF90+ and the remote controller work together seamlessly to get your job done automatically, while still providing emergency override capabilities.

Thanks to Quantum’s sophisticated electric VTOL design your investment is never in danger due to a flawed hand launch or a rough belly landing.

  Longest flight time in its class

Posibilitatea de a comuta în modul de planare îi permite dronei TrinityF90 + să beneficieze în mod direct de o îmbunătățire semnificativă a timpului de zbor. Am dedicat multe ore optimizând  geometria aripii pentru a extinde raportul de planare la un raport uimitor de 14: 1!

Using only one specially-designed motor in the rear fuselage increases the flight time far beyond current industrial UAVs by reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

  Reliable and integrated design

We designed the TrinityF90+ as a product that meets the requirements of professionals. We started from scratch with a highly integrated industrial product in mind.

You can see the result in every detail, such as the optimized electric layout, the efficient cargo container or the clean finish of the outer shell. It truly showcases the best of German engineering.

  Small footprint

The TrinityF90+ comes “ready to fly” (RTF) in a moulded transport case which offers enough space for the whole package with room to add two optional battery packs, accessories, and a tablet PC.

A padded cover with convenient carrying options makes it easy to transport the package to the farthest operation area. At a size of 100x83x27cm, it can be stowed away easily.

Complete technical specifications


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